Your brand says a lot about you and your company, is yours sending the right message? Speakeasy will develop and cultivate a brand identity that sets your apart from the competition and leaves a positive lasting impression with customers.

Identity & Development (What is your brand is what is it saying?): 

Not matter matter how large and small the project, Speakeasy will takes its creative and design background to create creative concepts and design will create a brand that delivers a memorable experience for your customers. Whether you are wanting to extend your brand to new products and services, re-branding, or wanting to develop an entirely new brand, Speakeasy can help.


Logo Design (Is your logo memorable and visually appealing?):

Your logo is more than just a pretty picture, it is what sets the tone for your entire company. An awesome website and great marketing materials mean nothing without a memorable and identifiable logo. Maybe you are looking to start from scratch or are wanting a logo update, Speakeasy will work closely with you to learn about your company and will define a style for your brand. Your logo not only needs to look great, but it needs to convey to your current and potential customers what you do and what makes you different. Its Speakeasy’s job to make sure that you convey confidence and credibility for your industry to achieve maximum perceived value.


Campaign Design & Execution (Building awareness of your brand to get customers in the door):

You have a new brand, now what? Anyone can create a brand, but it is the combination of sound branding and promotional strategy that creates a positive effect on your customers. Speakeasy will use its expertise in strategy to develop a strategy that aligns all of your communication platforms. Our mission is to make sure that established goals achieved through your new branding and executing the optimal plan for your company.

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