Speakeasy understands how to make the pieces of web work together and look dapper all at the same time. Are you looking to refresh your current website, build a brand spanking new site, or increase how your site reaches the top page in search engines? Look no further, Speakeasy has the underground strategies to make your mark in the digital world.

Speakeasy looks at the heart of your business and goals and creates a digital strategy to helps you achieve both your short and long-term goals. Always thinking about the next step, we will continuously plan for the future so you brand stays at the forefront of the market and upcoming digital trends.

Large and small, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes, staying on top of the digital next and create a sustainable ROI.

Our Digital Strategies Are:

Where we stand out…

SEO (aka a crazy cocktail of digital strategy implementation to make sure you and Google can party together)

Being on the web is not enough for companies to survive in today’s digital world, search engines are the key to life on the web. The first step that customers take to answer their questions and satisfy their needs is the search engine.


Basic SEO Breakdown: Takes into consideration how search engines like Google work, what people are searching for, and what particular search terms they use to find you.


Taking your business goals, we develop a plan to achieve the top position in the relevant search results. How do we achieve this? We will keep the HTML language to a minimum, but it is achieved through a combination of web and social media pages to reach the top organically and at times paid advertising campaigns. We tailor your plan towards you and your goals, not the plan that lines our pockets like most agencies. At the end of the day, SEO is not a formula or even a science, it is art form that is continuously changing and being interpreted differently. It must be mastered every day in order to succeed.


Blogging (creation of customized SEO content, while also giving your brand a personalized voice): 

In the online world, Search Engine Marketing is a key tool and a key avenue to this is through blogging. Google craves new content on your website and blogging allows you to do just that. The key is making a blog that is relevant to your clients but is not just a sales brochure. Speakeasy will research, write, edit, and post you blog with content that quickly captivates your target and keeps their attention. Every blog will have a call to action to usher your customers to buy and come back repeatedly.


Services include:

Web Design (Creating user friendliness through sound design that attracts customers)

In order for your website to be successful it needs to attract customers, inform, and ultimately engage them to buy. Speakeasy takes on the task of balancing between the artist and businessperson to design a web strategy that meets your goals and give your brand the “wow” factor. Any successful website focuses on problem solving and customer usability, which ultimately guides the customer to your “call to action” that gives you RIO within an aesthetically pleasing design.


Email Marketing (Reach your customers through e-mails that actually get opened)

If you have ever sent out an e-mail campaign, you know that getting e-mail marketing right can be a huge challenge. Speakeasy can design, build, execute, and measure your e-mail marketing campaign that is relevant to you.


How can we do this? Through the following:


Most marketers will tell you that they will get you the results you want immediately, but all of us know that it takes time to build a successful strategy. With our e-mail marketing we may not get it right the first time, but unlike others we mull over the results and make the adjustments necessary to make your campaign a win for you.


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